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A podcast all about stories of the South, straight from the sources. Hosted by Kate Robertson, the Southern food & lifestyle blogger at Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Adam Zinser has worked on all sides of the spirits industry. Now he's the marketing manager (TN and northern AL) for Dixie Vodka, under Grain and Barrel Spirits. In this week's episode, Adam talks me through how he landed in the industry, his previous jobs until joining Grain and Barrel, and we sip the gamut of Dixie Vodka's offerings (minus one flavor) and a couple of bourbons also from the Grain and Barrel family. 

If you like what you heard, look for Dixie Vodka around Chattanooga at Riverside Wine & Spirits, Imbibe, Total Beverage, Harry's Wine & Spirits, Chattanooga Wine & Spirits, and more. Follow Dixie on Facebook and Instagram @dixievodka for more information and updates.

Back to school, back to work, starting a new job... 'tis the season of new routines. Meal prepping is a huge part of these routines for many people (myself included); it makes mornings easier, helps you eat healthier during the week, and helps you save money, among other great benefits. In this episode, Amanda and I discuss why meal prepping is important, tips and tricks for healthy meal prepping, how to keep it interesting so you don't get bored with your food, and some of our favorite recipes. 

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Local teacher and healthy living enthusiast Amanda Angel spent a month in China over the summer, exploring new cities and diving head-first into their culinary culture. In this week's episode, Amanda tells all about her time in China: which cities she stayed in, the different classes she took, her favorite foods and meals, what traveling solo taught her, and how she hopes to incorporate her experiences in her life and classroom back in Chattanooga. 

Thanks so much for listening, y'all! Check out Amanda's China Instagram page @a.n.angelwasinchina for snapshots from her trip. Follow for wholesome, nourishing meals and healthy living.

Hannah and Sara-Anne Waggoner have always been artists (in varying forms and media), but they never guessed they'd be making jewelry. Now they craft some of the most colorful, creative, and unique earrings and accessories together as The August Sisters. In this week's episode, I talk with them about working together as sisters, where they find inspiration, how they learned to sew as kids, future designs and plans, and Disney Channel original movies.

Thanks so much for listening, y'all! Follow the sisters on Instagram @theaugustsisters, @thehannahwaggoner, and @sunlovesthemoon, and check out their collections on their website.

Christine Lamborne launched Alms + Fare a little over a year ago to combine her passions for health and wellness, helping others, and giving back. Her flagship product is the "Better Bites," which are snack bites made with wholesome, real ingredients, no refined sugars or preservatives, with flavors inspired by our favorite childhood treats. 

In this episode, Christine tells me about her inspiration and vision for Alms + Fare, and we chat about healthy living, diet culture, eating for your body, giving back to your community, growing your own food, chocolate croissants, and more. 

Thanks so much for listening! Follow Alms + Fare on Facebook and Instagram @almsandfare for updates and new flavors. Look for Better Bites around Chattanooga at: Niedlov's, Wildflower Tea Shop, Together Cafe, Goodman Coffee Roasters, The Local Juice, Nutrition World, Pruett's Market, Naked Foods, Locals Only, Society of Work, Bread & Butter, and more. 

Chris Matthews started Jack'd Coffee Co. when he wanted a better, healthier way to get the proteins and supplements he needed. It started as a protein-infused ground coffee, and then evolved into a protein-infused nitro cold brew. He joined me on the podcast to talk about his journey as an entrepreneur, the evolution of his products, his production process, new products, and more. 

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If you've ever taken a class at The Chattery, or been to one of their events, you know how hard-working, devoted, and fantastic co-founders Jennifer Holder and Shawanda Mason-Moore are. They launched the adult education non-profit in 2014, and have hit some impressive milestones in their five years in business together. Tune in to this week's episode to hear The Chattery's origin story, how they plan and schedule classes, how they work together as friends, the success of their recent iFundWomen campaign, plans for the future, our favorite breakfast food and pop singers, and more. 

Thanks so much for listening, y'all! Follow The Chattery on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their website for class schedule and to donate.

Beth Neuhoff is a co-host on Chattanooga's Morning Show on Big 95.3 FM, but her journey to the mic in Chattanooga was anything but ordinary. From studio art, to TV and movie sets, to flight attendant, and much more in between, Beth says she's not done yet. In this week's episode, we talk about our careers thus far, living life to the fullest, not being afraid to do something crazy, our favorite local hangouts, thrift shopping, our summer bucket lists, and much more. 

Catch Beth on air with Gary and Eric weekdays from 5-10am, and then over on Easy 106.9 in the afternoons. Follow her on Instagram @bethdneuhoff to see more of her adventures.

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Does pineapple belong on pizza? What's the worst Harry Potter movie? Is avocado toast overrated? Has Breezy even seen a Marvel movie? All of these questions and more are answered in the latest installment of Pinkies Up, B*tches. I've got Matt, Breezy, and Smitty here taking on the hottest of hot takes, with some Clumpies ice cream to help cool 'em down throughout the process (thank you, Clumpies!).

Got a hot take? Drop me a comment or DM on Instagram with it, and we may include it in the next installment!

Clumpies flavors featured: Mixed Berry Cobbler, Key Lime Pie, Peach Tea White Balsamic.

A few weeks ago, I stopped by Knox Whiskey Works up in Knoxville and visited assistant distiller Ryan, who I met in Chattanooga in April. We talk through all 12 of their products, including bourbon whiskey, heirloom corn whiskey, gin, rum, vodka, and a couple liqueurs. I tasted a few of them myself, and was impressed with the variety of flavors and spirits they're producing up there. Vols fans, there's a vodka especially for y'all.

Next time you're in Knoxville, visit Ryan at Knox Whiskey Works at 516 W Jackson Avenue. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with what they've got going on!

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