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A podcast all about stories of the South, straight from the sources. Hosted by Kate Robertson, the Southern food & lifestyle blogger at Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

This time, I sit down with Christine "Crunk" Nguyen, the lady behind Mama Crunk's Pies bakery, based here in Chattanooga. She tells us about her background in culinary school and the restaurant industry, how she ended up with a pie-baking business, her favorite flavor combos and more. She even dishes on her first store front location, the Common General, coming later this year! And most importantly, she teaches me what pho is—and I'll be trying it ASAP.

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It's (almost) one of my favorite weeks of the year — Chattanooga Restaurant Week (July 9-15)! My friend Shawanda of Eat Drink Frolic has joined me again to discuss this year's Restaurant Week lineup and why we're so excited for Restaurant Week. We also talk about why Chattanooga Restaurant Week is a big deal and why you shouldn't miss it.

Thanks a bunch to Chattanooga Magazine for putting on Restaurant Week each year and giving us a reason to eat out. Y'all can check out the full lineup of participating restaurants here, and get a sneak peek at some of the special menus. Restaurant Week runs July 9-15, 2018.

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On this episode, local bartender and self-proclaimed "alcohol enthusiast" Toby Darling, aka The Gypsy Tippler, joins me to talk about all things craft cocktails, bartending and beverages. He tells us about his history in the food & beverage industry, in Chattanooga and beyond. He shares some of his best wisdom from bartending, why he loves what he does, and gives us some insight into DIY infusions and bitters. 

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In this episode, my dear friend Shelly Ayers—who y'all met in episode 02—is back with me and talking about all things baking! She's been working on some really sweet stuff since her last appearance on the show, including Simply Southern Confections cake-baking business and a cookbook. 

Shelly peppers in some of her best baking tips and tricks, shares some of her favorite treats to bake, and explains why cakes are such special gifts for friends and family. And lastly, she tells us about the wildest thing she's ever created... and it was as crazy as it sounds. 

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In this episode, I'm joined by Tim Hinck: classically-trained musician, composer and wine enthusiast.

Tim takes us on his journey with music, from his very first piano teacher, to his graduate degree in The Netherlands and back to Chattanooga. He also tells us how his passion for wine led him to starting the Chattanooga Tasting Club and sharing his passion and knowledge with those around him. It's all in the name of making wine more approachable and opening up to new tastes.

And of course, Tim pours a couple of his favorite sips: a smooth Vermouth and a crisp Italian white wine. Check out pictures of these on Instagram @thenoogabelle!

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I'm back at Chattanooga Brewing Company and joined by Tom Halsall, Chattanooga Football Club goalkeeper and fan favorite, better known as Tommy Salsa to many. 

Tom takes us back to his childhood playing football in England, through his college career and all the way up to his CFC days. He gives us a real honest glimpse at what it's like to be a goalkeeper and throws some serious love at the Chattahooligans. 

As usual, the Chattahooligans bring their A-games with some fan-submitted questions for Tommy Salsa. And anything goes: from penalty shootouts to World Cup predictions and karaoke songs. 

We've also got a special giveaway to a lucky listener! Stay tuned to The Nooga Belle on Facebook and Instagram for more info on that.

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Double digits, y'all! For the 10th episode, my good friend William Glass is back, and he brought along his friend, local comedian Donnie Marsh. Donnie fills us in on the fast-growing comedy scene in Chattanooga, including all the regular shows AND gives us an inside scoop on the Lookout Comedy Festival, coming in October!

In between all the comedy talk (and plenty of laughs), we talk about reaching out to people on LinkedIn, the best burger in Chattanooga, and I educate Donnie about the different varieties of barbecue. 

And most importantly, Donnie shares the best pieces of advice he's gotten throughout his comedy career, that could really be applied to any career in any industry. 

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On this episode of the podcast, I’m joined by local food blogger and social media specialist Jodi Lawrence. By day, Jodi creates beautiful content for a well-known local brand. By night and weekend, she’s crafting up equally beautiful eats, outfits and travel inspiration for her blog, The Fashionable Foodie. We chat about blogging, staying loyal to your passion but also knowing when to pivot (insert FRIENDS joke here), our favorite eating spots in Chattanooga, pasta and a festival you will only find in Tennessee.

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Welcome back to The Nooga Belle Podcast, y'all! In episode 8, I'm joined by Shawanda Mason-Moore of the Eat Drink Frolic food and lifestyle blog and co-founder of The Chattery, a local non-profit geared toward fun, accessible and affordable adult education.

In our conversation, Shawanda and I discover that our blogging journeys are quite similar—creative outlets that evolved into passion projects. We also discover that we actually met two years ago and had completely forgotten until this episode. #ThatsSoChattanooga. Most importantly, we talk about making life easy and fun, the value of accessible and affordable adult education, keeping your intention, and just living your best life. 

And of course, there's lots of food talk. Shawanda even divulges how to judge a food competition when you don't like the subject, and tells us her favorite food to write about. 

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It’s lucky episode 07 and y’all, it’s a good one. I’m joined by Chattanooga music sensation Nick Lutsko—a.k.a., the guy with the puppet band. Nick takes us through his career, from day one in middle school to his latest single “Grinning Like a Barracuda.” We also discuss the Chattanooga music scene’s bright future, and Nick gives us the inside scoop on his upcoming album, Swords. Oh, and of course we talk about puppets.

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